SGPsychStud: Interest vs Passion

So are u studying (or into) psychology because you like it or love it? Yes I am asking you if you LIKE it or LOVE it....
You may think "Why ask such a strange question?" and "What does it have to do with studying psychology?" Answer: It has everything to do with psychology and pretty much many other things in your life as well.

Firstly let me explain the main two words here: Interest and Passion. There may be many definitions out there, but hear me out and probably the topic would be of more interest to you.

So (in my opinion) "Interest" or "to have interest in something"  (or to like) is to have a liking for that object, activity, person, way of thinking, etc. It may be something that you will pay attention to when you come into contact with it, but it is not really something of utmost important. An example would be having a casual hobby which you might do about 3 to 4 times a month or less, and you definitely will have "interest" in it, otherwise you would not be doing it at all.

However, "Passion" is totally different from "Interest" (in my opinion again). Yes, it is also a kind of liking but of a higher intense level, hence I label "love" as its verb. To have the "passion" (or love) something or someone (or others) to that very high extent, there is an acceptance (in you) for this thing or person to revolve around you for the rest of your life. The thing would probably be something that you would not give up on, regardless of whatever happens, and that it is of the utmost importance to you. You may have "passion" in more than one thing, which is common. However that distinction between your "passions" and "interests" should be known to you.

And when your choice of work/study/activity (regardless of psychology or not) becomes your passion, this passion will actually propel you to greatness or fuel you in times of dire. When your work/study becomes your passion, it will no longer be a chore but something that you will desire to look forward to doing it everyday.

The reason why I am writing this is because when I ask people why they are studying psychology, one of the regular answers would be because I am "interested" in it. Hopefully one day, that interest will develop and become a passion which propels/fuels your future path in psychology. But the question now is: "How much interest do you have so as to endure the hardships (assignments/work/sacrificed time) that you might face till it becomes a passion?"

So is Psychology your interest or passion??

Best field of Psychology to enter

For you students out there, you might be considering a field of psychology (see the link for the whole list of fields) to work in or enter for your postgraduate studies.  However you may start to consider which one you might be interested or which one should be the best for you.

Ans: There is no best field.  The choice is really up to you.  (Though some people may argue that their fields are the best, because blah blah blah....)

To answer this question, you will firstly have to ask yourself some questions:
  1. Which field/area of psychology do you have the most passion for or do you like the most?  (Discussed in Interest vs Passion
  2. Which field/are of psychology best identifies you as a person?  (Discussed in Merge of Psychology with Self)
  3. Will you be okay if your choice of field/area is not a profitable one?  (Discussed in Money vs Passion
For those who are not comfortable with question 3, before you proceed any further, please view this post again.  Yes I do understand that we are in Singapore and hence money is a big issue.  You are not at wrong for having that worry, as it is the same for most Singaporeans.  Hence if that is the case,  I would advise you to do clinical psychology in Singapore, as that is the one that would probably get you a job most easily.

But my advise would be that you pursue your passion and your dreams as much as possible (if that is possible), and explore the different fields through talking to people from those fields or work in that area for a period of time to see if you really like it so as to understand your choice for your future career path in Psychology.