Software in Psychology (For Research)

Statistics modules in psychology typically teach about experimental designs, but not how to create them. For those interested in research, then, it is important to learn software for creating and designing experiments. This post will cover four software that may be useful for research purposes: three for creating and administering experimental designs, and one for analysing qualitative data.
Inquisit is a tool for designing and administering psychological tests and experiments. It has a Lab and Web version, which you can administer via local computers or remotely over the web respectively.
Even though Inquisit is a paid software, they have a 30-day free trial for you to test out their software. In addition, they have a test library that allows you to download many cognitive and neuropsychological paradigms to use for free (even with the free trial). However, if you’d like to make adjustments to the preset paradigms, you would need to learn how to edit the script.
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