Jon: Choosing a Postgraduate Degree

Having finished your undergraduate studies in psychology, it’s finally time to choose the postgraduate degree you wish to pursue next. In your postgraduate studies, you will be choosing between a research oriented or a professional/applied oriented path. Ideally, you should have already figured out what type of career you’re passionate about and wish to pursue. If not, here are three important considerations to make before applying for any postgraduate studies!

Financial Costs:Are you financially able to manage the costs associated with studying a postgraduate degree (e.g., tuition, cost of living, cost of not having a stable income for at least 2 years, etc.) if no scholarships or grants are available?
This is an often glossed over consideration even though postgraduate degrees can be really costly, being easily 2 to 3 times more expensive than an undergraduate one, more so if you’re planning to go overseas where international sources of funding are rare to come by.

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