A Update Towards our 3rd Year of SG Psych Stuff Mentoring Programme

We are very grateful to all mentees who went through the mentoring programme with us. Good news is we have recruited more mentors for our upcoming 3rd year mentoring programme.

We have compiled some feedback from our mentees as well. Perhaps these could give you some ideas as to how this programme can benefit you or your friends as well.

We have checked in with the mentees and below are some questions they have reflected on:

1. What are the activities or discussions you have gone through during the mentorship programme?
"I had many career discussions with my mentor regarding what fields of psychology to pursue in the future and how to plan my journey to achieve those goals. In addition, the mentorship programme has given me many opportunities to explore the psychology scene in Singapore, through attending events and talks.""During the mentorship programme, I attended a few talks related to my field of interest. In addition, I was also able to secure an attachment at IMH wit…

Why mentoring? by SG Psych Stuff Mentor

Let's Talk: Suicide

Uni Psych Symposium (Part 2) by Alyssa

Uni Psych Symposium (Part 1) by Claudia

ICT in education (by SG Psych Stuff team)

Software in Psychology (For Research)