Chinese New Year: The fun and Not-so-fun by SG Psych Stuff Team Member

What do you think of when you hear the Chinese New Year songs in the malls?
Maybe you think of family gatherings, maybe you might prepare to recite some phrases of well wishes to your relatives. Those of us who are single might be waiting to get some money or maybe bracing for some nagging from relatives about when you would get married. Those of us who are married, being asked when you would get your first child. And those with your first child, you might be asked about when you would get another. Sometimes the nagging seems like an endless cycle of not meeting up to the expectations of our relatives. For some of us however, we may not celebrate the Chinese New Year, be it because we are not Chinese, or maybe because we are alone, or maybe it might be an immensely triggering period for some of us. The list is endless.
Sometimes, we may not enjoy this festive season. We may join in reciting well wishes to our colleagues and peers, but it might leave us feeling empty or even upsetting to …

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