SG Psych Stuff Mentoring Programme 2018: Reflections Part 1

The first run of the SG Psych Stuff Mentoring Programme 2018 has nearly come to an end, so we have invited the mentees of the programme to share some of their thoughts and learning experiences throughout this year.
In this post, we will share about the benefits that the mentees have gained from the mentoring programme as well as what they think future applicants can look forward to when they join the programme.

What are the benefits of the mentoring programme?
Exposure.  Most mentees shared that they were exposed to many events that they otherwise might not have known about, such as the Unipsych Symposium and SPS week (both of which are very informative for psychology students).  See our coverages on these events here!  Through such events, the mentees gained new knowledge, had opportunities to network with professionals in the field, and learned about the different career prospects in psychology.

What skills have you gained throughout the mentoring programme?
Networking.  The mentees sha…

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