Post-graduation in a COVID-19 Era: Time Enjoyed is Not Time Wasted!

It can be a pain not being able to commemorate the end of our school lives with a bang by attending a convocation ceremony or going on a graduation trip with our friends and family! Despite the setbacks forced upon us by a deadly virus, we can still make a productive use of our time. To make this period productive, there are many things that we can do, such as going on internships, upgrading yourself with courses, attending trainee programmes, or even just embarking on an old or new hobby. I personally found that trying on a new hobby was especially insightful. Considering I was not only doing something fun that I enjoyed, but I was also learning a lot about myself. I found a creative side of myself that I never had the time to develop during the paper chase in university. Furthermore, exploring my new hobby felt like I was using my time efficiently, rather than keeping myself on the constant treadmill of algorithm-generated Youtube videos. I was honing a skill and craft that might n

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