Uni Psych Symposium (Part 1) by Claudia

Some of you must have attended this year’s UniPsych Symposium right? How was the experience? Our guest writer will share what she has learnt and took away from the symposium.
Working as a Clinical Psychologist in Addictions by Dr Sandor Heng (Clinical Psychologist at National Addiction Management Service)
Dr Sandor shared that a clinical psychologist is a non-medical specialist in the study and treatment of mental/ emotional disorders. He/ She may provide psychological evaluation, assessment, testing, but does not prescribe medications.
The myth about psychologist is that: We read people’s mind.

Does that sound familiar to you when you tell people that you study psychology? In fact, psychologist do not read mind. We observe how people behave, think and view the world. We also observe the certain pattern in people’s life in order to predict or make a hypothesis of how people might behave or think.
Dr Sandor Heng also shared that working in National Addiction Management Service requir…

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