Jas: What is R?

As Psychology students, many of us know by now that statistics is a fundamental part of psychological research. We have all had our moments grappling with the intricacies of ANOVA and the multiple functions of SPSS, commonly, the first data analysis software introduced to us in our foundational psychology statistical module. However, the main drawback of SPSS is that it is not free.

Thankfully, there are many readily available open-source data analysis programmes. For today, we will be introducing the basics of R, one of the more well-known open-source programmes.
What is R?
R is free software environment for statistical computing and programming. It is the brainchild of Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, conceived at the Department of Statistics in the University of Auckland.
What can R bring to the table that SPSS doesn’t already offer? R is completely free of charge.R is constantly being updated by members of the community with new features and bug-fixes.R is incredibly versatile, with …

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