Rare Psychology Fields??!!

So, what’s so rare in Psychology??

I’m sure everyone has heard of clinical psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, organisational psychology and many more.  But there are some rare psychology topics that people are working on, teaching, researching on or even providing some services in relation to the topic.
So, what are some examples of these rare psychological areas?  One of the interesting topics that we have discovered is environmental psychology.  According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology (van der Linden, Eds), this field can be defined as: “[T]he scientific study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their physical surroundings (including built and natural environments, the use and abuse of nature and natural resources, and sustainability-related behavior).”In other words, it is all about understanding how the environment will affect us and what we can do to improve the interplay relationship between us and the environment.
Well, I w…

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