SGPsychStud: (Proposed) Issues with the Singapore psychological arena [Revamped Post]

Before I start this post, I would like to acknowledge the psychologists in Singapore and the work that they have done in raising the levels of mental health and the work of psychologists to where we are now. 
However, there are always some issues, no matter where we are.
This research and post is done as a follow-up from a letter to MOH as posted before.  After some research and comparisons with the psychological arenas in other countries, these might be some current 'surface' issues that psychologists in Singapore face.  There might be other issues and/or other 'deep' underlying issues (which may not be so obvious) that affects Singaporean psychologists.

Hence this list is not the full extensive list, but cover the more obvious issues:

1. Professional Regulatory Body The only professional regulatory body that governs over psychologists in Singapore is overseen by the Singapore Register of Psychologists, and the directory only has 402 registered psychologists (as updated…

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