Jon & Xav: How to care for people with mental illness at work

Jon: In line with the World Mental Health Day which falls on the 10th of October annually, we at SG Psych Stuff decided to dedicate this post to sharing more about mental illness and share tips on how to better support people suffering from it. A recent survey conducted by the National Council of Social Services found that more than 5 in 10 people polled were unwilling to live with, live nearby, or work with a person with a mental health condition; and 6 in 10 felt that mental illness was the result of a lack in self-discipline and willpower. 
This is a common misconception as mental illness, much like physical ones, can occur to anyone and at any time. So how can we be kinder to people with mental illness, especially at workplaces, where more than 5 in 10 are unwilling to work with people who suffer from it? Here are 3 simple tips you can utilize to make the workplace a more inclusive environment:
1. Ask Questions Many of us are probably not familiar with mental illness and may jump to …

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