ICT in education (by SG Psych Stuff team)

Remember we were once being banned to bring mobile phones or tablets to school? These days, the usage of technology is an integral part of students’ learning. Lessons that are used to be boring has now becoming engaging with the increasing use of information and communication technology (ICT). ICT is described as the devices involved in information processing, as well as all electronic communications involved in teaching and learning. Students now can use the smartphones or tablets to assess the learning project from school, use Facebook to generate ideas in class, use iPad in both music lessons and art classes. However, that may only appear workable for students whose socioeconomic status is medium to high. Those students with low socioeconomic status may not have the luxury to enjoy this benefit. This in turn, may also lead to some negative impacts on the students such as low self esteem or bullying in school. Godfrey (2001) stresses that ICT allows individuals to adopt multiple pers…

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