Jon: Singapore Mental Health Conference Day 1

Being a recovery-oriented mental health researcher, this year’s Singapore Mental Health Conference (SMHC) resonated with me as its theme was recovery and empowerment.  The first day kicked off with President Halimah Yacob reaffirming her commitment to the mental health sector by launching 2019’s President’s Challenge during the conference opening.  She also designated mental health as the focus area for this year’s challenge, with the hope that more within the community would become aware of the needs of people experiencing mental health conditions and support them.  This was followed by a dialogue session with leaders from various key organizations in the mental health field such as IMH, NCSS, and other Voluntary Welfare Organizations.

Interesting perspectives on the topic of what constituted recovery were shared with many noting that it took a collective effort to support persons experiencing recovery and that recovery was a process as opposed to a destination.  This was echoed by …

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