Xav: Experiences of NUS Psychology & NTU Psychology students

Disclaimer: The following opinions are not generalizable as they are individualized experiences of a few students from NUS Psychology and NTU Psychology. Please reach out to more people and do more research while deciding between NUS Psychology and NTU Psychology. Good luck!
We have talked about the differences in curriculum and years of study between NUS Psychology and NTU Psychology few years ago here, but how much do we know about the individualized experiences of NUS Psychology students and NTU Psychology students? In this post, we interviewed a few NUS Psychology and NTU Psychology students to understand more about their perceptions towards their school and course.
The first and most important question to ask would be:
“How has your experience been so far in NUS/NTU Psychology?”
Generally, Psychology students from both universities have pleasant experiences so far in their universities. NTU Psychology students such as Jasmine and Xin Ying have mentioned that they have encountered p…

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