Best field of Psychology to enter

For you students out there, you might be considering a field of psychology (see the link for the whole list of fields) to work in or enter for your postgraduate studies.  However you may start to consider which one you might be interested or which one should be the best for you.

Ans: There is no best field.  The choice is really up to you.  (Though some people may argue that their fields are the best, because blah blah blah....)

To answer this question, you will firstly have to ask yourself some questions:
  1. Which field/area of psychology do you have the most passion for or do you like the most?  (Discussed in Interest vs Passion
  2. Which field/are of psychology best identifies you as a person?  (Discussed in Merge of Psychology with Self)
  3. Will you be okay if your choice of field/area is not a profitable one?  (Discussed in Money vs Passion
For those who are not comfortable with question 3, before you proceed any further, please view this post again.  Yes I do understand that we are in Singapore and hence money is a big issue.  You are not at wrong for having that worry, as it is the same for most Singaporeans.  Hence if that is the case,  I would advise you to do clinical psychology in Singapore, as that is the one that would probably get you a job most easily.

But my advise would be that you pursue your passion and your dreams as much as possible (if that is possible), and explore the different fields through talking to people from those fields or work in that area for a period of time to see if you really like it so as to understand your choice for your future career path in Psychology.