Advice for Psych Students

Pieces of Advices / To note:

  1. Don't worry if you do not really understand what you are learning. Not everyone is an expert in all areas. However, most people will be really good in a few (or some) areas; you just need to find out which are the areas and subjects you are good in.
  2. Time Management: Regardless of doing a part-time or full-time course, time management is important. Psychological courses require a lot of reading and writing, hence you need to manage your time properly in order to finish the assignments and readings.
  3. Make sure you learn how to do your APA style of formatting and writing as soon as possible once you get into your program. Although it is probably just 5% of your assignment results, it may add up to a lot of marks if you do not get good at it.
  4. Spend some time to get some other experience outside school in psychological-related areas. This will help in both your resume and increasing your own knowledge for what you wish to do later.
Honours / Masters
  1. If it is possible, try to do a research on the universities that you are planning to do Honours so to understand which universities offer your choice of psychology specialisation. This way you probably can find a  supervisor who specialise in that area and you probably could do your Honours and also later Masters in that university. To start your research, here is an example for Australian accredited psychological courses [Sorry this is the one where I am most familiar with]. For Singapore, you might have to explore the CPE website and explore each institution's website.
  2. For those who already know which area you are interested in is to have your thesis topic done in your Honours and later expand it in your Masters thesis. This way, the Masters thesis will become a more substantial piece of research.
  3. For those doing your Masters, think of your topic early and do your thesis research earlier, otherwise it will usually be left behind unless your supervisor and university is pushing and rushing you to finish it.