SG Psych Stuff Mentoring Programme 2018: Reflections Part 2

After a year of mentorship programme with SG Psych Stuff, our mentees shared some of their experiences and best takeaways.

1. Visit to CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team)

Together with other aspiring professionals, we headed to CHAT at *Scape for a talk. CHAT is a national outreach and mental health check programme that aims to promote awareness for youth mental health.  There, we also learned about the various ways youth mental health could be made more accessible to the public.
Opportunities for volunteering were shared as well, and we were invited to come up with possible ways to collaborate with CHAT.

2.  SPS PsychWeek 2018

SG Psych Stuff Mentoring Programme introduced us to the annual SPS PsychWeek held at TMC Academy.  This year, the focus was on how digital devices and media platforms were affecting the various areas of psychology, including mental health, or private practice.  Held over five days, the talks discussed the ways modern disruptions affected our world of psychology.

Read about some of the sessions here.
SG Psych Stuff @ SPS Psych Week 2018: Review Part 1
SG Psych Stuff @ SPS Psych Week 2018: Review Part 2

3. Networking Sessions

Apart from psychology-related seminars and events, we also gathered for meals and discussion with other members of the mentoring programme. There, we interacted with one another and exchanged useful tips on how to navigate around our university journey and land our first job in a competitive psych field.

Overall Takeaways

Being more senior, the mentors were able to draw from their life experiences and share how they managed their work-life balance.  Psychology can be an intensive area of study that requires long hours of study, coursework, research and revision.  Our mentors took into account our various situations and advised us on how we can best maximise our academic potential.  The accreditation systems of different universities were discussed, and we were encouraged to think about our pathways after graduation.
The mentorship programme was a great avenue to kickstart our endeavours in the psychology field.  As our mentors are experienced professionals, they were able to share the ins and outs of the psychology industry in our local context.

Through attending various events, we were also able to meet more likeminded people, such as psychology students from other schools and professionals working in the psychology industry.  These were opportunities we probably would not have engaged in if not for the mentoring programme.  Overall, these experiences helped broaden our perspectives and guided us in our journey towards becoming a professional.  As mentees, we believe that attending school is not enough to aid in our journey towards becoming a professional.  Formal lessons are only rudimentary aspects that help build our career.  Having mentors who have been through similar journeys as we did was thus helpful, as they could relate to some of the challenges we faced.  In addition, the exposure gained through networking sessions and events was invaluable.

If you find the above opportunities and learning experiences to be appealing to you as a student, make sure to register for the SG Psych Stuff Mentoring Program 2019: