UniPsych Symposium Reflections: Part 2 - NUS and NTU

After UniPsych Symposium Reflections: Part 1 by JCUS students, here comes Part 2!

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Reflection by Janet, NUS:
It was interesting seeing how speakers of varying backgrounds come together for a single focused event on psychology.  I particularly enjoyed the session by the School of Positive Psychology as it was an area that I had minimal exposure to and it was very interactive and useful in giving more insight into this area of psychology.  While psychology is a broad field, seeing so many people who are passionate about the a common area come together was intriguing and motivating to see so much interest in psychology.  Given the variety of talks, it'll be beneficial for students to come to the event with an open mind to explore different fields of psychology that they might not have considered before.
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Reflection by Emmaus, NTU:
Organising UniPsych Symposium 2017 was an arduous journey, fraught with trials and learning opportunities. Despite this, I appreciate the opportunity to have worked alongside a team of peers and seniors who put in tremendous amounts of effort to make the event a success.  I would be the last person to say that the event went 100% smoothly - I woke up late and had to rush down from Hall, and it was just the start of the day  -  but it was a joint effort from our beloved volunteers, committee and organisers to keep things moving even when problems cropped up. 
For me, the talk by by Mr Suresh Joseph from Fernhill Consultancy Pte Ltd was the most memorable.  Though the he did not share much about how he got into the field of trauma psychology and addictions, Mr Suresh explained complex trauma in an engaging way, and made sure that everyone could follow the talk.  He also shared a case study of one of his patients:  her symptoms, how the diagnosis was made, and how treatment was arranged to suit her needs - which exemplified the type of work he did as a psychotherapist.
All in all, it was an enjoyable and fruitful event. 
To those thinking of joining the Organising committee, go in with open minds and open hearts.  You may get tired of talking to people or worn out from the processes and your other commitments during the whole planning period, but the thing to keep in mind is that you are no longer just a representative of your school, but a part of something larger, working to help others like yourself to discover more about themselves and their future possibilities.
All the best and I hope to see y'all again next year at UniPsych Symposium 2018!
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