UniPsych Symposium Reflections: Part 1 - JCUS

After the reflections from the SG Psych Stuff team, it is time for some reflections from students.  These reflections are from current students from the James Cook University Singapore, who attended the UniPsych Symposium.
So let's hear from them!
Image Credit: www.jcu.edu.sg
Reflection by Claudia Toh:
I think that UniPsych Symposium was a successful event and through the event I was able to gain insight of the few different fields I am initially interested in.  Particularly, my favourite session was the first session 'Educational Psychology in the Ministry of Education'.  The speakers from from this session were very friendly and helpful in answering any enquiries about their job, the requirements and work schedule.  They also provided us with more information than initially stated in their presentation and encouraged us to look into their field as well as related fields.  Because of their enthusiasm, I was actually impacted and encouraged to pursue in this field of my interest in the near future.
On the other hand, it was also through the event that I realized that I may have wrongly conceptualised certain fields of job due to stereotypes, and that some fields may not be what I am expressly interested in.
In addition, this event also provide a chance and bring together like-minded people from other schools of similar interests.  Therefore in conclusion, I find that UniPsych Symposium was a meaningful event and I am actually glad that I decided to went for it! However, I would suggest that in future, the event could be more interactive and increase involvement between students and speakers.
Reflection by Parimala Uthakumar:
The event was interesting and knowledgeable.  I choose three sessions, of which two were by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Forensic Psych Services.  We were informed honestly and accurately about what we could expect for our future after graduation.  There were insides as to what the job scopes were about.  This was important to me because I had a schema on what to expect from certain jobs due to their names and organizations.  My most memorable sessions would be the MSF and forensic sessions due to the fact that I am interested in those particular field of study and am interested in enrolling and applying for those sectors.  It was memorable because I had a reality check on what the job scope was really on,  which was different from what I had expected.  We were also given insides on exactly what we have to do on a day to day basis.  The speakers gave us real life examples on their job scopes such as report writing and building rapport with the clients they work with and others, so that would be my valuable take-away from the sessions.  One good memory was that I met new people and became friends with them through this experience.  One of them is from NUS and the other three were from James Cook University.  We spoke about the different ways we were being taught in our respective schools and the types of modules we had taken and suggestion for modules that would help us in our degree program.  One suggestion would be for the event organizer to not treat us like children during our lunch period.  Other than that, the event was well thought out and smooth.
Stay tuned for the reflections by NUS and NTU students!