SGPsychStud: What’s Next? The Polytechnic Edition

Regardless of polytechnic students or university students pursuing psychology in their studies, their next move is always the same.
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However the strategies used by both groups of students are different.  The preferred choices may also differ.  For polytechnic graduates, more often than not, the preferred choice is most likely to proceed to university.
So what degree choices do you have?
Other than the local degrees that has already been discussed in this earlier post, there are also other degree choices that polytechnic graduates can pursue locally and overseas.  I have provided the links that the respective polytechnic students can check, based on their respective diplomas:
SP:  Advanced Standing Database
NP:  Further Studies Portal
NYP:  Upgrade (University Programmes for Graduates Enquiry) - only accessible by NYP graduates
RP:  Advancement Pathways
TP:  Diploma to Degree Pathfinder
Disclaimer: Do note that the above links are from the respective polytechnics, and do not belong to or updated or maintained by SG Psych Stuff.

As a polytechnic graduate from a psychology course, 
what work can I do and how should I proceed to find it?

The main issue with this question is that psychology is a general field of study. Psychology polytechnic graduates possess a myriad of soft skills, with some basic knowledge of psychology and other related fields.  This may not be enough to get you the coveted positions of a psychology clinic assistant, case worker, or research assistant.

It is understandable that polytechnic graduates may not possess a lot of working experience, however what Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other competencies (KSAOs) do you possess?

Through a better analysis and understanding of yourself, this understanding will give you a more informed view of the positions that may be more suitable for you, or the positions you may have a better chance of securing.  If you have yet to have that self-analysis, I would advise that you seek a consultation with your polytechnics’ ECG counsellors.  They can help you achieve that self-understanding.

To locate the ECG counsellors and their offices in the respective polytechnics:
NYP:  ECG@Central

Another thing you can do is to attend the UniPsych Symposium 2017 that is happening on 19 August! See for more details and registration! Registration closes on 15 August 2017, 2359. Don't miss your last opportunity to grab your talks before they're all snapped up!!