SGPsychStud: Using the "COW" in Building Your Career

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Why am I talking about "COW" when the theme is #PsychologyCareerTips?

"COW" = Capacity + Opportunity +Willingness 

As per the article, these three factors are the dimensions of achieving work performance.  Additionally, these can also be used for your job search process as well as self-improvement towards getting the job.  In this post, I'll uncover the questions you can ask yourself on which you can do some evaluation and reflection:


1.  Do you believe that you have the capacity / capability to do the job? 
It is very common that undergraduate students think that they do not have capability to apply for jobs that require 1 to 2 years of experience, and hence they do not apply for the jobs.

2.  Have you done your research to find more about the jobs and companies?
Sometimes, the job description as advertised is more than it looks.  Make sure to do your own research (or network with people) and find out more about the jobs, the company culture, and other matters about the jobs / companies.

3.  Have you been doing anything to increase your capacity / capability and/or to upskill yourself?
One thing you need to know:  Your diploma /  degree alone does not get you the job!  Employers do not only employ you because you graduate from a certain polytechnic or university.  They also trying to evaluate that you have the skills (and more!) to do the job.

The next post will also discuss how you can increase your capacity!


1.  What opportunities do you know?  Have you been actively seeking out opportunities?

You have to believe that opportunities are always out there.  Most job-seekers get discouraged because of job rejections and no replies from companies.  Do note that opportunities do not mean full-time jobs; they also include part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, and even networking.

2.  What have you been doing to increase your chances and opportunities to get a job?
For most students, the answer is "Nothing"!  However, there are so many things you can actually do!

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances and possibilities to get a job!

Which door is going to open for you?
This is the third factor and may be the biggest obstacle for some.

1.  Are you willing to do the job?
With many jobs, you may have the capacity to do it and the opportunity to get the interview, but rejected the job in the end because you found out that the company is asking you to do more than what the job entails.

2.  What is your limit for willingness? 
You cannot accept every opportunity, offer and job that comes along.  You have to evaluate whether that opportunity is something that is beneficial for your future career.  This is especially important if you have more than one opportunity.

"Whatever you are doing, it is for your future career."