SGPsychStuff @ UniPsych Symposium: What can you expect from UniPsych Symposium

As the symposium draws closer, I am sure many of you are apprehensive about what to expect from it! After all, for many of you this might be the first time attending an academic event like this. So what exactly is a symposium? To put simply, a symposium is a collection of experts (the speakers) in a particular field of study (in this case – psychology), sharing their knowledge and experience with the delegates (us).
With the theme being the first psychology symposium catering to the needs of undergraduate psychology students, you can expect the speakers to be sharing about the various fields that psychology undergraduates are most likely to end up working in. For example, professionals may share what they do on a daily basis, their own personal experiences working in their respective fields, challenges they may have faced when entering the field, and providing advice for any doubts or misconceptions that might be raised by the participants.

Additionally, there will be some recruitment talks which will give participants a chance to learn about potential internship or job opportunities, which is important! Work experience in the field of psychology is hard to get due to the minimum requirements of a postgraduate degree (e.g. masters or PhD); organizations who are willing to hire undergraduate psychology students for psychology-related positions are even rarer.

Furthermore, this symposium will be attended by a wide variety of people, as psychologists and people working in the field of psychology, whom you should network with, so be sure to put on your friendly face and try to make some new friends!
Low Hui Hui and Chan Tsin Damien,
Presidents of NTU Psychology Society and NUS Psychology Society. 
In conclusion, prepare yourself well by having a rough idea of the areas in psychology that you have an interest in, come and learn about the various fields of psychology available in Singapore, and/or also come hear what your seniors have to share. Either way, this symposium will provide an opportunity for learning about the psychology scene in Singapore, and also allow you to meet other like-minded individuals. See you there!