Trailer Post: UniPsych Symposium

The UniPsych Symposium happened last Saturday with a total of 27 talks happening over 3 sessions from 10.30am to 4pm. It was a wonderful and fruitful day, with a lot of learning happening throughout the day even during lunchtime and the closing speech. I believe all students who attended this event will agree with me.
Other than the talks, the event was accompanied with an opening speech by the Organisers, NTU and NUS Psychology Societies and InPsych, and a closing speech by Ms Rachel Seetoh, NTU Career Consultant.

Here are the speeches! Apologies for low quality.

UniPsych Symposium Opening Speech by NTU and NUS Psychology Societies and InPsych

"The Perfect Job: Myth or Fact?" by Ms Rachel Seetoh 

Stay tuned for the write-ups about the talks that happened during UniPsych Symposium!!!