SGPsychStuff @ UniPsych Symposium: Why should you be coming to UniPsych Symposium

Image as provided by UniPsych Organising Committee
It is now 3 weeks to this wonderful event organised by NTU and NUS psychology societies (PsychSoc).  I believe most of you should be registered for this event, regardless of which university or institution you belong to.  The event is not only open to NTU and NUS PsychSoc members, but to all psychology students in Singapore.  The response for the event has been so overwhelming, such that their 100 early bird tickets were sold out in 1 day.  You may still purchase their tickets at $10 for NTU and NUS PsychSoc members and $15 for everyone else at  I do not guarantee a spot for you if you have read this post too late.

So what is so appealing for this event that all psychology students should attend it?

This UniPsych Symposium is very different from other university collaborations, as this time round, they have more than 40 different speakers and 9 concurrent talks over 3 sessions, which is never done before!  NTU and NUS Psychology Societies collaborated together to organize this symposium as the teams felt that there was a need for a platform where all aspiring psychologists and current Psychology students could gain more information about the various options available after graduation.  The objective of the symposium is to gather employers, alumni, and undergraduates together to interact with each other.  Ultimately, the team hopes that all who participate and attend the event will benefit in one way or another.
In terms of the logistics and coordination, I believe this is quite a mammoth effort considering the people behind the scenes are current full time undergraduate students.

If you have been reading my posts in the last two years, you would have noticed that I am a big advocate of students attending events.  I have also noted that students are not interacting enough in my May 2015 post on Interactions of Psychology Students in Singapore with this event being only the third collaboration between universities in the last 7 years.  In that post, I wrote:
It is not enough to only interact with students in your own institutions, as there is only a small amount of people that you will meet considering the number of students studying psychology in Singapore... Events like these are wonderful as they really bring the different institutions together for the overall learning of the students.
A very good reason for you to attend the event is for the networking and the learning that you can gain in that one short day!!  The ability to network and having the thirst for knowledge, curiosity, and a positive mindset are two of the three tips I have recommended that a new graduate would need to stay competitive in the psychology job market.  The job market at this current moment is bleak, and hence you need much more than your degree!
The UniPsych Symposium will allow you to understand from the practitioners what are the "actual" requirements are for the different job positions in the various Psychology fields, and what you will need to do to get a job or further your studies in the psychology field.
For more information about the event, you can refer to their official website and Facebook event page!!!

If you need why you need to do networking, read this post on the "Power of Networking" and here's some tips to help you with networking!!

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