SGPsychStud: Why All of Us Should See a Counsellor

According to Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC Singapore),
"counselling is a generic term used to cover processes of interviewing, assessment, testing, guiding, and helping individuals to cope, manage or solve problems and plan for the future."
So why should we see a counsellor??
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Some of us feel that we should not see a counsellor unless we have some actual existing problems to overcome.  With most of us living a simple life with each passing day, we wouldn't experience much major crises often. These major crises tend to come in the form of experiencing the death of loved ones, major illnesses, issues in relationships, and other personal issues.  We tend to act strong in times of these crises and overcome it.  However, so what if we overcome the crises?
However, with each issue and/or crisis that we experience, it takes a toll on our emotions on a long term.  Even if we resolved the issue (as it seems), we may not have resolved our emotional issues.

To talk to a counsellor gives us the chance to discuss about these emotions that we may not wish to discuss with our closed ones.  Discussing such topics with closed ones may display a sense of vulnerability, which may contradict the strong front that we wish to display on the exterior.
Only by discussing the unresolved underlying emotional issues, we will then be able to move on with our lives. 

What good does it do for me if I see a counsellor?
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Seeing a counsellor is not to help you solve a problem.  Rather, it is purely to talk  and have someone with good listening skills and empathy listen about your emotional issues.  In the process, you might gain a different perspective about the issue or probably find a solution towards the issue.
But what do I really gain from counselling?  
  • A better insight about your self and your world
  • Maintenance of your own mental health
  • Learning to be open and congruent with your inner self
  • Better relationships with others
  • Many others
You see a doctor when you are sick; you see a psychiatrist if you have mental illness.
You do a regular medical check-up for your health; 
Do you see a counsellor to have a mental health check-up? 

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