SGPsychStud - The Mission Statement

I had a wonderful dinner last night meeting up with some online friends, and through our conversations about this website, one of them asked why I not plan to monetize the blog.
This is what will happen if I decide to use this blog to make money:

My reply to him was that I do not believe in making money from the blog as that was not the original intention of having the blog.  If you have read my previous posts about the blog, especially these two (Why? Why the blog? and What is SGPsychStud's role?), you will know that I started the blog to provide education for students to understand the psychological situation as much as possible and to help them in their educational journey in psychology.  Hence from a simple idea of helping students, this blog and website has now evolved to being the prime information provider for psychology students in Singapore.

To allow all my readers (new and old) to have a clearer idea of what I am doing, I thought it would be better to have a mission statement:

To provide the most updated and accurate information 
about the psychology industry in Singapore

This is in-line with SG Psych Stuff's tagline:
For a better future in Psychology for you
Thank you everyone for your continuous support!!!