Comparison of Psychology Bachelor Degrees in Singapore: Version 3

This is a third and latest version of Comparison of Bachelor Degree programs in Singapore

Programs are categorised into country of origin: Singaporean / Australia / UK / US, with their respective PEIs (Private Education Institutes) mentioned beside them.  The overseas programs provided by the respective PEIs are as permitted by the CPE (as of 05 Feb 2016). 
Even though these programs are permitted by CPE, do make sure you read this post about accreditation of overseas programs as well. You may also wish to consider these factors when considering the institutions.

To help you in your decisions for your choice of university degree, here is the pathway for psychology training in Singapore.
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You may want to compare this model with the US system and the Australian system to have a better understanding of the training pathways of the different countries.  You may also want to do an indepth comparison between the local universities, as well as comparison between the Australian and UK degrees.
To end off, here is the post for Masters programs in Singapore, if you wish to do your postgraduate studies.

1)  There is no affiliation or advertisement or endorsement by SGPsychStuff towards any of the institutions. PEIs are mentioned just for the ease of further research for interested students.  
2)  The author of the blog will not be responsible for the errors / changes as they were checked on the posting date.
3)  Any differences in the proposed duration could be a result of exemptions of your earlier (relevant) studies, e.g. diploma.
4)  The Australian degrees mentioned above are accredited as well by APAC
5)  * Top-up Honours indicates that this is a top-up program from their existing diploma programs, hence the short duration.

If there is any errors or changes or updates to the above information, please contact me below or at and I will update the changes.


  1. Hi there!

    Firstly, thank you so much for all the compilations and insights that you've shared on this site. They've been helpful beyond all imagination!

    I wanted to just double check about the local universities' accredidation overseas. For Australia, for example, what I see is that the Bachelor's Degree needs to be Level 8 according to the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework). Do all the local universities' degrees fit such requirements? I also noticed that SMU has much fewer psychology modules, will this affect entry to masters programmes for clinical psychology, for example?

    1. According to AQF (, a Bachelors degree is only level 7, while the honours degree is level 8.
      I would believe that it really depends on the approach and pedagogy of the school.
      NUS's system is probably very similar to the Australian system (, and this could be seen by NUS having a joint Masters program with University of Melbourne.
      For SMU's degree, it is more similar to the U.S. system (, and hence there might be differences in the teaching approaches and pedogagy, as compared to the Australian system.
      However, I think translation from SMU to an Australian Honours or Masters program would be possible? But this would require some bridging modules to be done before entry into the programs. It would be best to check with JCU Singapore, since they have a campus in Singapore and their program is most similar to others in Australia.

    2. Thanks lots for the prompt reply SGPsychStud! Yes I'm aware that NUS's degree is pretty much recognised. I'm not that sure about the other two universities...NTU seems alright despite the fact that it doesn't have any postgraduate clinical psychology options, but SMU's decreased number of psychology modules was a red flag. Good idea to contact JCU:) I'll do that. Perhaps I could check with NTU and SMU as well and enquire about postgraduate options.

    3. Here is the list of postgraduate options available in Singapore from all universities.


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