Specialisations of Diploma Programs in Singapore: 2016 Update

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Finally here's an update from the previous post from 2012 November!!!  It has been slightly over 3 years and I thought it is about time I did a revision on this topic.

Like the previous time. this is a huge task, as there are a lot of psychology diploma programs around, so the focus of this post would be on the specialisations of the programs.  But as usual, this post is only focused on Singaporean diplomas available in the local polytechnics and the private schools. 
This information is valid as at 16 January 2016.  There is a total of 52 diplomas, 8 polytechnic programs and 44 programs in PEIs.

PEI Programs
(In alphabetical order)
For the list of courses, please refer to the CPE website or search via this link using the keyword of "psychology" in the Course Search and selecting all the respective levels of "Diploma", "Specialist Diploma", "Higher Diploma", and "Advanced Diploma".  The below programs are permitted by CPE as at 16 January 2016.

ACC School of Counselling and Psychology:  Applied Psychology  /  Counselling Psychology
Advent Links-SAUC Education Centre:  Psychology (Guidance and Counselling)  /  Psychology (Early Years Education)
Arium School of Arts and Sciences:  Child Psychology  /  Counselling Psychology  /  Educational Psychology  /  Forensic Psychology  /  Organisational Psychology  /  Psychology Studies  /  Sports Psychology
Aventis School of Management:  Applied Psychology
Beacon International College:  Counselling Psychology
College of Allied Educators: Counselling Psychology / Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology  /  Psychology
DIMENSIONS International College:  Psychology
East Asia Institute of Management:  Applied Psychology  /  Counselling Psychology
Kaplan Higher Education Institute:  Applied Psychology
MDIS:  Psychology
Raffles College of Higher Education:  Applied Psychology
SHRI Academy:  Organisational Psychology
SMF Institute of Higher Learning:  Business Psychology  /  Counselling Psychology  /  Early Childhood Psychology
Stansfield College:  Psychology
The School of Positive Psychology:  Applied Psychology  /  Applied Positive Psychology  /  Psychology and Positive Psychology  /  Psychology and Psychotherapy
TMC Academy:  Psychology with Counselling

The blog author do not guarantee the quality of any of the above diplomas, or indicate any benefits or disadvantages of having a psychological diploma with no specialisations or one with multiple specialisations.  It is also not a guarantee that you will be eligible for a undergraduate degree after completion of the diplomas.  Please also take note that diploma programs are awarded by the respective institutions and there are no accreditation by any accrediting bodies