SGPsychStud: Top 10 and Bottom 10 of 2015 posts

This post is a little late, unlike the usual Saturday when most posts will be published.  This practice has been started since 2013 where I announce the top 10 and bottom 10 posts of the year.  I believe this practice not only shows everyone the most popular posts, it also shows people some of the most underrated posts of the year.  This summary also shows the types of posts everyone is interested in, which can help me writing better and more interesting posts.
This year, there is a total of 43 posts, with this final post of the year being the 44th (Bad omen??), so here goes the two lists.

Top 10 views of 2015:
  1. SGPsychStud: Career Planning for a Psychological Career (Part 1) - October
  2. SGPsychStud: Applying I/O Psychology Knowledge to Get a Job - April
  3. SGPsychStud: Review on Upcoming SPS Career & Networking Forum - August
  4. 2015 Update: Academic requirements for local psychology diplomas and degrees - February
  5. SGPsychStud: Career Planning for a Psychological Career (Part 3) - October
  6. SGPsychStud: Current Trends in Psychology - March
  7. Miss Psychobabble: How to Improve Your Sleep to Save Your Career - January
  8. SGPsychStud: Staying Competitive in the Psychology Job Market as a New Graduate - May
  9. SGPsychStud: 5 Things Students can do during the Holidays - May
  10. SGPsychStud: Psychology Facebook Pages to Follow - July
From the Top 10 list, it seemed like most of them (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9) are inclined towards career planning and working in the psychological industry.  Other posts include the topic of studying psychology (4, 10) and other other topics (6, 7).  This might be the result of a week of advertising on Facebook, and a focused topic for the posts for the whole month of October.  This whole series was originated from the No. 2 post of the year.  
So here's some possible ideas:  
Should I continue the topics of career planning and psychology education and training (top topics of 2013 and 2014)?  Should I have a fixed topic for certain months?      
Bottom 10 posts of 2015:  (1 being most viewed and 10 being the least viewed)
  1. SGPsychStud: Networking on Social Media - November
  2. Mastering APA style #1: Formatting and Referencing - January
  3. Miss Psychobabble: How Junk Food Control Our Eating Behavior - March
  4. SGPsychStud: SPS Student Forum Conversations - December
  5. Miss Psychobabble: Day-to-day Activities that Improve Cognition For Older Adults - July
  6. SGPsychStud: Finding the Fun in Studying and Learning - June
  7. SGPsychStud: The Cause for Most Arguments and the Solutions - November
  8. SGPsychStud: The "Nothing Box" and Mindfulness - June
  9. Miss Psychobabble: Dogs Can Make You More Attractive Instantly - August
  10. Miss Psychobabble: Psychology Of Money - How To Gain Positive Feelings When Spending - December
It is quite expected that the November and December posts would be of a lower viewership, however it is quite unexpected that there are posts from January and March that are lower too.  It seemed like these posts are of random topics and not like the above Top 10 list.  This is even in spite of having topics relating to career planning (1, 4), psychology education and training (2, 6) and topics of interest to many such as relationships and communication(1, 7), mindfulness (8),  animals (9), and money (10).  I do hope that everyone will read these posts if they are of interest to you!!!

For this year, I would like to sincerely thank Miss Psychobabble (13 posts) and MY Psychology (collaborated post) for their contribution over this year.  Hope that we can bring even more interesting posts for our viewers!! 
Lastly I would like to apologise that I have discontinued the Events page as I am unable to manage the page regularly.  However, I will be posting or sharing events on Facebook whenever I see them, so make sure you stay tuned!!!

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone is enjoying the double long weekends!!!