Stage 2: Reflections of a SMU student

In SMU, Psychology is a major under the School of Social Sciences (SOSS).  The decision to declare the major occurs latest at the end of year 2.  Therefore, similar to that of NUS FASS, SOSS allows students to freely choose modules of student’s individual interest in Year 2 without having to declare and commit to their decided major.  This is useful because it allows students to try out different modules and broaden their knowledge before they commit to their preferred first major (either Psychology, Political Science or Sociology).

SMU provides a broad exposure of the various tracks of psychology that is associated with the different areas in psychology like Industrial and Organization Psychology, Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology, just to name a few.  For those who are really interested in getting to know more about the field of psychology but only a few areas of research of interest, the free choosing of modules is beneficial as the students can choose modules as and when it is available for bidding.
However, as SMU is a Management University, many fields of psychology are intertwined with the business setting.  Students who are interested in applying psychology in businesses or applying psychology in other related fields, like human resource, marketing, corporate communications etc., are highly encouraged to take up this course of study as the course of study is highly integrated and applied and related to the business world.

The pedagogy of classes is highly interactive.  Classes are conducted in seminar rooms and class participation is highly encouraged and students get the opportunity to clarify doubts that they may have with regards to the course as and when they have questions and both the professor and peers can learn from each other.
Everyday in class is a learning journey for all parties.  Professors are really approachable and are willing to spend out-of-class time to help students who are concerned with their school work or to simply provide suggestions and advice on future career prospects in their field of work.

Moreover, SMU is famous for its group projects and SOSS Psychology is no different.  Concepts are brought to life with a group projects and this is an interesting learning journey for the students and professors as it provides real application of psychological concepts in real life.  It is a tedious but enriching learning process at the same time, which requires conscientiousness and hard work from each student.  SOSS Psychology challenges students mentally as it might sometimes draining as students have to juggle keeping up with the new content learnt each lesson with project work, regular quizzes and midterm tests and other assignments all at once.  This may sometimes be mentally and psychologically draining for the students and their passion may be buried in the excessive workload.  However, students may learn time management skills as well as encourage collaboration and teamwork in the process and eventually take away an eventful and accomplishing university journey in SOSS Psychology.