Miss Psychobabble: Dogs Can Make You More Attractive Instantly

Image Credits: Nicki Mannix via Flickr with CC
Forget designer suits and flashy vehicles because a furry wingman  might just be your secret weapon to find a lovely date.

According to a recent study of 2,000 Brits, the biggest turn-on apart  from physical attraction is someone who owns a pet dog.  In fact, 1 in 5 women found a man with a dog more attractive.  This showed that a dog is twice as appealing as having a hefty salary or a huge house. 

Furthermore, a2014 survey showed that 82% of people felt more confident in approaching an attractive person if they had their dog with them.  Several other studies showed that homeless people, random strangers, and disabled people were more approached and given more positive interactions if they carry a dog along.  Truly, having a dog with you can affect the first impression perhaps, even more than your clothing. 

Still do not believe that a dog can help you score a date or one's number?  Then, you better watch this short video.  As a woman said in the video:  "Do you have a date on Valentine's Day?  This dog is totally going to get you one."

To understand the human-pet relationship better and why having a dog with makes you seem more attractive, here are two factors:

1.  Commitment
Having a dog along gives out an impression that you are able to handle major commitments.  Commitment, defined as a state of being dedicated or faithful to something, is a genuinely attractive 
quality to possess.  A dog signifies commitment because it requires tons of patience, attention, and money.  Yes!  Pet care and grooming can be expensive.  Therefore, if a man or a woman is taking care of a dog regardless of its size, it still speaks to someone's pleasing character.  

2.  Socialisation
Owning a dog can increase one's opportunities to socialize.  This is because you seem more approachable when you are holding one.  In fact, if a neighborhood is seen with people chatting while walking their dogs, observers can have a greater perception that it is a friendly place.  Indeed, having someone take a loving photo of you and your adorable pet is a good way to break the ice. 

Image Credits: Mr.TinDC via Flickr with CC Attribution-NoDerivs 
A dog might just be the perfect way to find love. So, go fetch! :)