SGPsychStud's Reflections: Dealing with Life's Ordeals

Like my previous absence, I have to apologise for my absence again.  I have experiencing some personal issues, which took my focus off my work as well as managing of this page.  So they say: "Life happens", as hence this uncontrollable aspect of life may make it uncomfortable for some people.

Everyone has to go through life, and more often than not, we have to experience some life obstacles and ordeals.  The problem is:  
How do we face these obstacles and ordeals if we have never experienced them before?
 I often tell my students in the Health Psychology module (in the healthcare course that I teach in) that the main things that I am educating them on are managing the life ordeals (生老病死 in Chinese), as these are the biggest obstacles they will definitely face in their line of work.
This is my usual explanation and advice that I give them,from a psychological viewpoint:
When things happen in life, our bodies start to react to it.  We normally react to it according to the fight-or-flight theory.  Normally, we will take flight, and try to avoid these bad situations, and go into denial (according to Kübler-Ross model).  However, to improve in life, we must try to overcome these obstacles by having a growth mindset (mindset theory as discussed by Carol Dweck), and treating these life obstacles and ordeals as challenges to be overcome and as learning experiences to learn something from.
Two mindsets by Carol Dweck;  Graphic by Nigel  Homes;  Image from The BlogNotions HR Blog
To conclude:
Life is definitely tough; the question is "How do you deal with it?"
Addition: A quote I wrote last year:
"Life is a process and an experience..Do not focus on the end results, because the end results will only give u momentary extreme emotions, happiness (if you achieve it) or sadness (if you do not achieve it)..However indulge in the process and experience, because they will give u emotions you will never forget for the rest of your life, for that is truly 'Life'."