SGPsychStud: 5 Things Students can do during the Holidays

With most students finished or almost done with their exams, this is a good time to discuss and think about what you can do during your holidays.  Most of our holidays are spent resting at home relaxing or out with friends and famÄ«ly.  However..

What have you done during your school holidays that is productive towards your future career as a psychologist or in the psychological-related field?

It is all in the hope of building your KSAOs (if you have yet to know this, read this post) for your future career!!  Now is a good time to plan this, such that you can have a productive holiday, either for this time round or your future holidays!  Here is a list of things you may consider doing to buff up your resume or expand your skills:

1.  Volunteer at volunteer welfare organisations (VWOs)

Volunteering to work at VWOs (during your free time and school term periods) may tell a lot to your future employer about you.  It is a good reflection of having initiative and empathy.  You may also use these stories previous volunteering experiences to further illustrate your KSAOs.  Your choice of VWO may also exhibit your interest in a certain area of psychological-related field.  If you wish to volunteer but do not know how, I would advice that you send the VWOs an email to state your interest or volunteer at SG Cares.

2.  Finding and doing short-term (or long-term) internships

If you find that volunteering is not your thing as you are not being paid for that and might not learn a lot from it, you might consider doing an internship.  Internships are good places where you may learn skills and knowledge that are really beneficial for your future work.  However not all registered psychologists may wish to take in interns; some are not even allowed as they are not registered supervisors.  If you wish to do an internship, here is a list of SPS-approved supervisors with their respective fields of expertise.

3.  Attend local psychology talks or symposiums

Some of these might be free and some for a nominal fee.  Some might be interest to you, and some might not.  But attending them will be to your benefit, as you hear from the experts in the fields regarding specific matters.  Some venues where you might find these talks would be from the following pages:
Singapore Psychologists Facebook Page
Association of Mental Health Facebook Page
Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) website

4.  Chat with your professor or lecturer (that you are more familiar with)

This is really good if you are able to have a really in-depth chat with the professor/lecturer about your strengths and weakness in your psychology skills and abilities.  This will allow you to have an understanding of your present KSAOs and those which you might need more practice and training in.  However, do note that your professor/lecturer might not be so free to offer you a discussion at a time of your convenience, so make sure to email them to make an appointment if you wish to see them.

5.  Brush up your APA style or SPSS skills

During the holidays, other than having it as your desired resting period, it is a really good time to practice and hone your skills in your APA style (1 / 2 / 3) and SPSS.  These are skills that you will definitely need throughout your psychological academic training as well as your future career.  So why not try to get very proficient at them as early as possible??

No matter which one you wish to do, make sure you have some rest during your holidays!  As they say:  "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"...


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