Miss Psychobabble: 5 Perks Of Earning A Psychology Degree

Image Credits: Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography via Flickr
Psychology is the study of mental processes and human behavior.  Those who diligently pursue this discipline are able to apply their understanding to various events in their everyday lives.  On that note, here are the 5 perks of earning a psychology degree:

1. Deeper understanding of the self

Majoring in psychology allows you to understand the reasons behind your actions and personality in general.  Various theories such as psychodynamics and social learning theory can guide you to determine the trigger behind unwanted emotions (e.g., guilt or jealousy).  This deeper awareness helps you to deal with difficult emotions and situations effectively.

2. Enhanced understanding of others

As I was studying psychology, I realized that there is a combination of factors affecting one's behaviour.  People do not act merely by instinct - they are complex.  We as psychology majors must understand the power of biological, psychological, and social factors.  Applying these principles, you will be able to comprehend and empathize with others with little to no bias and judgment.

3. Better skills to resolve conflict

Since everybody perceives the world uniquely, conflict is inevitable.  When you study psychology, you begin to realize the reasons behind one's actions and his/her possible reactions.  By knowing so, you are able to predict how a situation can occur.  Conflict resolution skills that help you handle different situations are handy especially in the workplace and relationships.  Personally, after earning a psychology degree, I began to see people's behavior in a more logical manner.  Hence, I deal with conflicts by analyzing the issue first and picking out the best solution possible.

4. Psychology degree can enter various career paths

As long as man is involved, Psychology is present.  There are various career paths to choose from including the fields of sport psychology, clinical psychology, school psychology, forensic psychology, and so on.  Furthermore, you can choose to work with kids, youth, or elderly.  And, you can even further your studies in areas such as medicine or law.  All you have to do is search for what you are passionate about.

5. Your journey can be challenging yet fulfilling

Earning a psychology degree and pursuing a career in it allows you to solve practical and theoretical problems.  It may be challenging and stressful at times but it surely is rewarding.  Remember that you are able to help others and make huge impacts in their lives.

Want to produce a positive change in someone's life?  Get a Psychology Degree!  It is worth it! :)