What is SGPsychStud's role?

I had a chat with a friend about this blog during Saturday lunch, and we had a long discussion about psychology and how things may be developing.  This set me in thinking about what my role is in writing this blog and my aim in doing this.

It is very simple.  With a passion for psychology, I am purely writing this blog for students, so my target audience would be current and prospective students of psychology; if you are interested in psychology, you should probably have a look at the 100+ posts that I have covered, especially those about Studying Psychology.

I guess my role in the Singapore psychological arena is to be a critical observer and reporter of what is happening in our small psychology world here.  This is all in the hope to improve psychology in Singapore and assist students in their journeys in psychology.  However, despite having supportive readers (like yourself) and some valid points on how to improve the Singapore psychological arena, my views will never be strong enough to make any changes or influence any authorities to make any major improvements.  My only regret is that things are not moving and/or changing as fast as I wish; however, I am still glad that things have been on the change and improving for the last few years.  The only benefit that I could provide now is that my readers, through my posts, become knowledgeable about what is happening, and try to work around the issues or work towards getting better improvements, despite all difficulties.

Good luck for the new year! And Hope you enjoyed the posts in the blog!!