Are You Prepared for the New Term??

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School is starting or just started for most students, so here are some tips to help you get prepared and ready for the new term!!
  • Make sure the modules that you enrolled for are correct, as this may affect the progression in your degree or diploma if you have not finish the core prerequisite modules that you should have.
  • Once you confirm your modules, you should try to get all the materials related to the modules, e.g. course outlines, assignment briefs, etc., as soon as possible.  This will give you the information required to plan your time properly for the coming term.
  • Time Management
    • Mark down all the important dates in your diary, e.g. assignment due dates, exam dates/week, etc. 
    • Also write down the minor due dates for each step towards completion of your assignment, i.e. dates to start doing the research, writing, etc.  This will make sure that you are on track of completing the assignments on time, as well as producing a sense of urgency in you to do what is required along the way.
    • During the term, you might also wish to include a date to start your revision for the exams, upon knowing the exact dates.  
    • I have mentioned previously that you should start early: 2 weeks for each assignment, and 4 weeks for each module exam.
  • Know your study routines and methods, whether you are a night or morning person, music or no music, rote memorising or by having your 'strange' ways of understanding information, etc.  Knowing how you study beforehand is more efficient and will cause less frustrations for you later when you are trying to study.  Here's some strategies you might want to use as well.
  • Last tip:  Make sure you read your slides before going for the lectures.  They really help you save the time to read and have the memory space to pay attention during the lecture!
These tips may be a reflection of my kiasuism as a student, but they really did work for me.  Hope they work for you too!!