SGPsychStud: Psychology Happenings in Singapore 2013

You might not know it, but there were quite a few events and happenings in the psychological arena of Singapore this year.  Some of them happen every year, and some for the very first time.  They are written in chronological order, with talks organised by SPS in a different (bottom) section.

February:  2nd Annual International Conference on Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology
This conference is held for the last two years in the same venue, and hence the same again next year.  The early bird registration ends 30 December 2013 (gotta do it asap!), so if you wish to pay lower fees for the event next year, the link for the event is above.

March:  Changes in the SPS Executive Committee
As the term of office for the SPS Executive Committee is two years, this year was the year where a change of office is due.  The major changes are the positions of President and Vice-President, whom the the current office bearers are Clare Yeo and Jennifer Teoh, respectively.

May:  Asian Conference of Criminal & Operations Psychology 2013
Jointly organised by the Singapore Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre, Police Psychological Services Division (Singapore Police Force) and the Psychological and Correctional Rehabilitation Division (Singapore Prisons Service), Singapore, the second run of Asian Conference of Criminal & Operations Psychology (ACCOP) will be held in Singapore and organised by Dr Majeed Khader and his team.

September:  2013 Joint SELF Biennial International Conference and Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Conference
This conference was jointly organised by SELF International and Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS).  Coincidentally, it is the 7th conference held by both groups, and this event was held in Nanyang Girls High School.  Click here for the speakers' slides, and photos and videos of the event.

October:  SPS Student Research Award 2013
This event has been going on for the last three years, and it is getting bigger every year, with more research entries year after year.  For this year's list of entries, here is the pdf file.

November:  Mindfulness - What the buzz?
Up to around 1,800 people participated in this evening talk (so did I), and it was a really wonderful talk.  There were 9 speakers, including Venerable Dr Matthieu Ricard, and speakers from the Mind and Life Institute, with Professor Jay Garfield moderating the conversations.  Even though the event went overtime, the participants were more than happy to stay till the end of the Q&A session.
For more information:
Information about mindfulness and the event
Take home messages and summaries of the talks and discussions (reported by The Kent Ridge Common)

December:  SPS Youth Chapter
The Youth Chapter is made up of students from NUS, NTU, SIM, Raffles College of Higher Education, Temasek Polytechinc and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, with the aim to coordinate and synchronise psychology-related activities around Singapore, and to enhance the psychology learning journey for students pursuing Psychology in Singapore.  I do hope that good things will happen from this initiative in the coming year!

Talks organised by or in collaboration with SPS
May:  Systemic Psychology and Family Therapy: Milan Approach
Speaker:  Mr Luca Lombardo (SPS Family Psychology SIG (Special Interest Group)]

July:  2nd Sport Psychology Symposium 2013
Organised by:  Singapore Sport Psychology Network / SPS Sport Psychology SIG
Speakers:  Professor John Wang (NIE), Mr Luca Lombardo, Dr Dev RoyChowdhury (Australia), Mr Carlin Lee, Ms Emily Ortega (Psyched Consultancy Pte Ltd), Dr Jaylee Longbottom (Singapore Sports School)

Do make sure you stay tuned to the Conferences and Events page and the Facebook Page to keep yourself updated about the latest events and happenings!!! Also wishing all my viewers Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!