Stage 7: Reflections of a PhD Candidate 2

To achieve a PhD degree has been a dream for me since a child.  After completing my Masters degree in sport science (sport and exercise psychology) from Europe, my next target was to do a PhD.  By late 2009, I made up my mind on what I wanted to do.  My first step started off by contacting the professors who were experts in the areas that I was interested to specialize in.  All I had in mind was 2 concepts: my passion for sports and my nature of always being positive.  I started my journey along with the guidance of my supervisors, by reading research articles in sport and positive psychology and developed ideas for my research.  With appropriate research questions and hypothesis framed and approved, I started with the data collection.  Probably like any other PhD student, I went through sleepless nights, irregular meals, confusions and constantly trying to figure out solutions.  Though there were hardships faced during the initial stages of doing the PhD, now when I look back at them, I have different feelings about them.  The realization that ‘research always evolves and opens new directions and gateways’ struck me harder this time around.  It has been two years since I commenced on my PhD journey, and I have no regrets at all.  I must highlight that doing  a PhD is a lonely journey which involve stress, tensions and frustrations.  My strategy has always been to be positive and enjoy your research.  I also believe that sharing your knowledge could help you progress well, because sometimes input of ideas from others can help you think out of the box and untangle the difficult thoughts and questions.