Psychology Program Comparison Between Local Universities

A reader actually posted me this question, and it was one of the things that I have yet to look at in this blog:

"Is it true that NTU Honours students would have more hours spend in both psychology and psychology-related modules as compared to NUS Honours students?  From the apparent reasons (which may not be true), that NTU psychology students start in 1st year."

This dawned on me that though I have done a comparison of degrees in Singapore, but I have yet to look comprehensively at the degrees offered by the local universities.  Hence the universities of which psychology programs are included in this list are: NUS, NTU, SMU, and UniSIM.  Their psychology degrees are awarded by the university itself, and not from any other overseas universities.  This comparison will also take into consideration of Honours, and the psychology programs as a single major.      

Name of programB.A. / B.Soc.Sci (Hons)BA (Hons) in PsychologyBSc PsychologyBSocSc
Classification of Honours1st Class / 2nd Class Upper / 2nd Class Lower / 3rd Class / Pass1st Class / 2nd Class Upper / 2nd Class Lower / 3rd Class / Pass1st Class / 2nd Class Upper / 2nd Class Lower / 3rd Class / Passcum laude (with honours) / magna cum laude (with high honours) / summa cum laude (with highest honours).
Number of years3 + 1 (extra year for Honours)43 + 1 (extra year for Honours)4
GPA Requirement for Honours Entry3.5Direct Honours3.5Direct Honours
Minimum Number of Psychological-Related Modules To Be Taken23262611
ThesisNot CompulsoryCompulsoryNot CompulsoryCompulsory
1)  The number of psychological-related modules to be taken are the minimum that one is required to take, not the maximum required of the program.  Students are allowed to take more psychological-related modules as electives for some of the programs.  
2)  NUS and UniSIM Students are only allowed entry into the Honours program (+1 year) upon GPA requirement, otherwise they will graduate after 3 years without Honours.
Information are as correct at date of this blog post.

These information are taken from the respective university program websites, and the minimum number of modules are rough estimates based on the academic or credit units as provided by the websites.
Feel free to tell me or put in the comment box below any comparison between the programs you would like to know, and I will try my best to update it in the list. 


  1. Think youre mistaken about NTU. There is 86 AUs or psych-related modules. Inclusive of the 86 is 8AUs from the FYP thesis. 3AUs=1 module. hence, thats 26 modules and one FYP thesis. There is also a remaining 60 AUs that may or may not be psych related. So minimum is still 26 mods and one thesis.

    1. Thanks for the clarification.. That calculation looks more accurate (assuming no level 400 courses are taken)...

  2. NUS doesn't require one to write a Thesis? May I know where can I get the info?

    1. Hi Rodney, please refer to:
      Look for "PL3231 Independent Research Project". It is an elective module and information regarding the module is on the page.

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