SGPsychStud: Psychology in Daily Life

After learning psychology and the psychological theories for so many years, most things in my daily life are being interpreted and/or understood with what I have learnt in psychology.  For me, I would say that it has made my life better as I now understand the reasons for why things happen that way; but, there are also times where conflict or misunderstanding happens, as not everyone will see things that way I see them.  I cannot really explain why that understanding through psychology happens, but it does.  Probably this is an after-effect of my many years of studying psychology...

Here's a short (but probably non-exhaustive) list of where I have seen psychology in my daily life:

  • Observation of people in their 'natural' environment - Social Psychology
  • Organisational-related things that happen at the workplace - Organisational/Industrial Psychology 
  • Issues that people face from day to day (i.e. stress, mood changes, mental health issues) - Clinical Psychology
  • Learning of new material by students or children - Educational Psychology
  • Growth of my nephews and nieces - Developmental Psychology
  • My own interaction with people - Counselling Psychology

Have you seen Psychology or used Psychology to explain things in your own daily lives??


  1. Maybe this one you might not have heard of: Analytic Psychology - Understanding the way someone suffering from mental illnesses thinks and processes thoughts and observations on his/her mind.

    1. Hi Johnathan, Thanks for the reply!
      I did not include it in, as that was rather a framework of psychology than a specialisation of psychology. Of course, there are much more skills that we learn in psychology that can be applied to our everyday lives, such as critical thinking, empathy (not really a skill), etc..This post was more of a reflection that psychology can be very much used in our everyday lives..


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