SGPsychStud: Reflection after 2 years of blogging

25 July 2011 was the day I started the blog.  It was a time of turmoil for me, as I looked at the psychological arena in Singapore with infuriation and exasperation.  That was because I felt that there were so much things that are still not good enough, such as registration of psychologists and psychological membership in Singapore.
As time passed, these frustrations calmed down, which I directed them towards better use.  As JFK said: "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country", the same can be applied here.  I too do not ask for what I can get out of doing all these, but this is all for bringing our psychological scene in Singapore up to higher heights.  Changes for a better future in this area will be made someday, maybe not very soon, but there will definitely be changes and improvements, as I have already seen some in the last two years.  Just as the motto of this blog goes: " For a better future in Psychology for You..."

From only individual postings from just myself, there are also postings of reflection stories from my colleagues, students, and even some out there which I do not know at all.  There are also professional invited posts on Forensic and Sport Psychology.  Many has also sent me their questions which I have complied in the Q&A section, and some have even commented on the individual posts.  To Everyone above who have contributed to this blog in some way or another, I THANK YOU!!

The only one project that did not progress as expected was the Volunteering/Internship Project.  Some of you have sent me your contacts to participate in this project; however, it did not push forward as expected due to lack of organisations to participate in this, and lack of time on my side to do the required logistics.  I apologise for this.  But I believe that this project will still go on, as students in psychology will also need internship or work experience to truly understand what psychology work is like.  If someone is willing to help out with this project, please contact me and we can collaborate in making this a success!

In the midst of all the postings directly from the blog, I believe most of you are already connected to the Facebook page.  There are articles shared daily from the various major psychological associations or blogs or other mental health related sites, which I tried to maintain to do (unless I am overseas).
Hence the two things I hereby promise my viewers that I will definitely continue to do (with my daily available time) are:
1.  Daily sharing of articles on the Facebook page
2.  At least two posts on the blog a month

Lastly, I would like to give a heartfelt thank-you to Everyone for spending your time reading this blog!!!  


  1. keep up the good work !

  2. There is a new organisation founded by my ex lecturer from James Cook University (JCU), Singapore. I think what she tried to do was to get companies to create internship opportunities for Psychology students. Here is a link to the Facebook page which contains more updates (I think) on internship opportunities than the actual website

    I really appreciate your blog as my passion is in Psychology, specifically child and education. I wished I had done more research before embarking on this journey as my first degree was not an honours degree - BA(Psych) from JCU which I didn't do the 4th year because I couldn't get into the honours programme. So my first degree was not accredited by the BPS or the APS (I thought at that time it would be a waste of money to do the postgrad dip and not honours but now I regret my decision as the postgrad dip would be accredited by the Psychological Societies). I proceeded on to doing a MSc in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Institute of Education, University of London (a great university by the way, but again, it wasn't accredited by the BPS which I failed to check before enrolling, however it is accredited by the ESRC). I just submitted my dissertation at the end of September for my MSc, so now, I am kind of in limbo because I cannot get a job in UK in the field of Psychology because my degrees doesn't confer me GBC and it's equally difficult to get any kind of experience (internship or volunteering) for the same reason. I would have really loved to get a Psychology related job in UK to gain some experience in this field before returning to Singapore so that I can kind of bring some fresh point of view into our country? Having said all that, I will still try my best to get some experience (even if I have to work as a Teaching Assistant in Primary schools) before returning!

    All in all, prospective Psychology students, do your research before enrolling! It's always best to do a programme accredited by the BPS/APA/APS! I'm sorry for the long, and kind of off topic, comment. Just really want to say thank you for writing this blog =)

    1. Thank you for your truthful reflection of your own experiences...
      I believe the BA (Psych) from JCU (Singapore?) is accredited by the APS (see
      Good luck for your future endeavors! Feel free to send me an email if you need any help!


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