Stage 8: Reflection of a Masters student almost at the end..

This has been a long journey for me.  It has taken me more than 4 years to come to this point, even though my Masters program is only 2 years and things should be finished within 2 years.  I did my Masters program in Australia - finished the coursework there within the first 2 years; my placements (or industrial attachments) was delayed hence that took another half year more, and due to visa issues I had to leave Australia to finish up my thesis in Singapore, which took me 2 years to finish this piece of work.

I always joked with people that it is like "going through the classes, but not submitting the assignment".  However, this agony and torment that comes with the uncompleted thesis is often unbearable, such that I will distract myself through other means just to avoid facing the thesis.  This is one of the reasons why it has been dragging for so long.  Another reason came from a realistic side of Singapore: I had to work.  As a result of monetary requirements living in this developed country, having to work is inevitable.  But this slowed my progress further.  Till the point where I got real frustrated with myself, I decided to push on and just finish the thesis once and for all, to get my Masters which will hopefully then allow me to get some better jobs to becoming a  psychologist.  

Now, at this point where I am really touching up and "final" editing my thesis for submission, this is really a feeling of relief, and a huge load of my shoulders.  It has really been a journey of ups and downs, frustration and happiness, and I can't wait for the day I go for graduation, going up to the stage to receive my certificate.  That is my main pushing thought for now.

An advice for those considering to do your Masters program, do make sure to always start your thesis as early as possible.  You never know how long it will take.  I should have listened to this word of advice from my seniors when they visited my class...      



  1. Laura FitzpatrickJuly 18, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    I agree that the degree wouldn’t be complete up until the thesis is finish and successfully defended. Creating a lot of sample thesis abstract draft can help a lot to formulate the final idea of the thesis, so I think it is not good to avoid thinking about working with the thesis.


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