SGPsychStud - Why? Why the blog?

Why? is my favourite question.  It opens up a lot of questions and you can get a lot of different answers for the same question.  It also helps me to understand the person who I am talking to, in the way they feel, think or rationalise about something, so it is a very good and important question.

Why the blog?
When I first came back from Australia, I had very high hopes of getting a psychological-related job through my experience in Australia.  However, I was shocked about the psychological arena in Singapore that there was no proper regulation of psychologists in Singapore.  This meant that anyone, any Tom, Dick or Harry, can call him/herself a psychologist, even without the proper credentials and training.  This is still happening today.  I understood that SPS and SRP are already doing their best, but as compared to what are being done in other countries, we are still miles and miles away.
With this annoyance and frustration, I decided to convert this energy into what I do best:  teaching and educating people.  Hence this blog is targeted at current and prospective psychology students, to educate and help them in this journey in being a psychologist or having a career in a psychological-related field.

In the reaching of the blog's 2 years anniversary in two months, I believe and hope that this blog has helped you in some way or another.  Good luck in your studies!!!