Jobs (Part 7): Advice for the less job-experienced..

This is long overdue, as requested by a reader of the blog, on advice on what could be done to help  in the midst of looking for jobs.  So what can you do, if you have graduated and yet to get a job??
  1. Don't panic!!  Most people panic, as family members and relatives will start asking "Have you found a job?" and "Why are you still at home and not working?"  Most do not understand the realistic nature of work in Singapore now, hence please forgive (and ignore) them if possible.  Here are somethings you can do to show them that you are doing something for your career.
  2. Consider doing a postgraduate program in psychology if this option is possible for you.  Even doing a Honours program might increase your chances of getting jobs, allowing them to be more specific jobs like research assistants.
  3. Keep looking for jobs!  Sign up and register with all the local job search engines to maximise your search.  Let the job vacancies come to you as much as possible, to the limit that they spam you like those online deal emails!  You should also apply for those positions which require 1 to 2 year work experience.  Though the employers are looking for someone with a bit of experience, but no harm trying, right?  Remember the median duration of employment is 8 to 10 weeks, so it might still take some time to get to the job you want.
  4. Go as many interviews as possible! This will help in your self-presentation and conversational skills. The more interviews you go for, the better you get at introducing yourself, and at the same time, that would also increase your chances of getting a job!
  5. Expand your knowledge of psychology as much as possible!  Don't just bury yourself in your books.  Go out and experience psychology in its real form (through internships/volunteer work), in how it has been applied in our everyday lives, and then go back and analyse why it happens like that.  Also make sure you get the latest psychological information and knowledge through recent research articles and by attending conferences and events.  All this knowledge will definitely help in building up the psychologist in you!

Good luck with the job search and hope all these advice helps you to get to your ideal job!!