SGPsychStud: Procrastination - One of our biggest enemies

I read this post on the post on APA Style Blog: Procrastination: On Writing Tomorrow What You Should Have Written Last Year - and this does happen to me and I believe it does for some of you too.
In the old days, it was mostly just the television and the radio at most.  The reason why we have control of them is that we have the choice to ignore them with the TV and radio being less intrusive on our lives and less sudden.  We have the control to switch them off any time.  With the many modern distractions that we have in this world now (mobile phones texts, Facebook, Twitter, other social media, etc.), there is a high possibility that we get sucked in and going through them, even when there are no more new updates.  Have you ever clicked F5 on Facebook even when you know there could be no more new updates?  Do you notice the temptation to pick up your mobile phone whenever it makes the sound for notifications?  The issue with the new technologies is that they are highly intrusive and we cannot switch them off unless there is no internet at all.

My tips for resisting the procrastination and to keep your minds in your work or writing:
1.  Do whatever rubbish you have to do first before you start doing your work. And by the time you are tempted again to visit them, you have obviously done some work - even one of two hours is good.
2.  Switch all wireless and internet data connection off while you are doing your work. Another two more alternatives are to switch your phone into flight mode and/or to do your work in a place where there is no internet connection.  If you are a person who is afraid that your friends or close ones are unable to find you (due to the use of Whatsapp), you may choose to turn off the internet on your computer, with only phone notifications bothering you once in a while.
3.  Give yourself breaks during your work. Give yourself like a 5-minute toilet or coffee break every two hours and check your notifications or social networks in this period.
4.  Divide your work into small parts to be done daily or every work period (four to six hours) and focus wholly during this time frame.  With dedicated focus for a long period, you can get a lot of work done, and obviously more time left to do other rubbish..
5.  Have a time management plan for your work and assignments.  Plan and start early for your assignments.  Put down the dates for assignments and exams as early as possible in your diaries.  Always start doing your assignments two weeks before the due dates; if assignments due dates clash, then start three or four weeks for them.  This should work well with Tip 4, and is to help you to make sure that you finish your work despite the procrastination.

What are some tips or strategies you have for reducing procrastination??


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  2. Maybe start looking at your assignments the moment you get them and plan what you are going to do with them? That's what I try to do because I am a big procrastinator. It helps, somewhat. =)


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