SGPsychStud: When does Thinking become boring??

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Psychology is usually never boring to me. Just thinking of things, mostly related to personality and development of people, and analysing those around me excites me. I can sit at a train station platform and watch people walk by, thinking about why their choices of clothes and accessories and their behaviour, and time can pass by so quickly. Probably it's just a habit created over time through my training in psychology, to analyse things and break them down in order to understand them from a psychological perspective. I love the question "Why?". However...

Some days, when there is nothing to do and seriously nothing to do, assignments all done, exams not here yet, no one asking out for meals and other stuff, I will sit in front of my computer and go through Facebook (my personal page and the SGPsychStuff Page), and Youtube for interesting videos. And when all are done, and the day is not over, and not even time for another meal, things start to get boring..Just a lack of stimulation I guess..Humans live on stimulation, and with modern technology, it becomes more evident. The questions are "Do you need technology to survive? Is technology your only source of stimulation?"

Not saying that being bored is bad, I always have my self to analyse - which is to analyse my self. Who else better, as I know myself best? However there is the problem of ruminating, or unproductive ruminating, where you start looking too much into your past and previous mistakes and cannot climb back up to the present again. Introspection is good, but not unproductive or negative rumination. For a clearer picture of the difference of introspection and rumination, read this.

I guess my stimulation is from my analyses and thinking about things that I do constantly; moments of pausing and staring blank may be boring, but may not be a bad thing...