Stage 3 (Part I): Stuck in a rut - Job hunting troubles

First of all, why the words "Stuck in a rut"? Well this is the current situation I'm in now...

I've just graduated from the course and waiting for my Psychology Bachelors degree results.

The process of job hunting has been a tiring and arduous one. There were several times I felt like giving up. Staying at home would have been way easier. But I wish to fight for my future and do something about it.

Been applying for jobs, and went for some interviews. But I've been wondering "What could have gone wrong during the interviews?" "Why can't I get a job, why is it so difficult here in Singapore?" (Though I know the answers to those questions, I refuse to give in & keep persisting.)

All I just want is to get a job. A job that's related to Psychology. I do not mind starting from scratch, but this is clearly not something that can be done overnight.

I don't wish to waste my time. I need to be out there, doing something productive, contributing to the society. But right now, I'm still stuck in the rut. Troubled. The fear of being unemployed. What can I do?


Request from blog author for reflection contributor: 
To everyone and organisations reading this, if you have any job or internship position offers from the public or private sectors, especially for counselling or applied work, please leave a comment below with your contact details and the reflection contributor will contact you directly. Thanks!