SGPsychStud - The name

If you look at the bottom of every post, it will write "Posted by SGPsychStud". So why the name SGPsychstud?

Originally, I go by the pseudonym psychstud, which pretty much is the short form of "psychology student". I only found out, after I used it for a few months, that stud also meant "animals for breeding" or a slang for "a sexually active man", according to However, I do not intend to use the word like that; PsychStud = Psychology Student. Period.

As for SG, everyone would have guessed it. As I am based in Singapore, SG would mean "Singapore". So if you would like to communicate with me, you could call me PsychStud, or SGPsychStud, or SGPS (not Singapore GPS, but SG Psych Stud in short). Also please do not call me SPS; as I mentioned before, I am not affiliated to any psychological association or societies (such as the SPS or SRP in particular).

Hope to hear from all of you if you have any comments or questions!!! My email is, or you could contact me on the Facebook Page.