Accreditation reports of Australian programs

As you understand, programs have to accredited / approved, especially if they are programs that you are taking from the PEIs.  So in Singapore, we have the CPE overseeing this; in Australia, this is strictly overseen by the APAC.  APAC accredits all psychology programs that origins from Australia, regardless of where they are taught to students.

If you like to understand the reason for accreditation, please read this post.  There are three Australian degrees in Singapore offered by different PEIs.  Here are the most recent accreditation assessment reports from APAC (arranged by chronological date):

University of Wollongong (dated 08 October 2012)
Murdoch University (dated 10 December 2012)
James Cook University (dated 3 December 2015)

You may take this reports as a form of consideration for your choice of Australian programs, as they do evaluate on the teaching quality, content, and structure.  But the choice is still yours, with the many other factors to consider as well.