2013 Update: Academic requirements for local psychology diplomas and degrees

Again, this post is only for students who are thinking of applying to study psychology this year in local diplomas and degrees. It is really timely as the 'A' levels results are just out and students are considering which to apply; though this might be a little late for the polytechnic applicants.

Hope this helps as a summary for students considering psychology!

For the diplomas:
These cut-off points are based on ELR2B2: (Please refer to the websites for more details)
EL=English Language; R2=Two relevant subjects; B2=Any two other subjects excluding CCA
SP Programs:  Applied Drama and Psychology(Cut-off: 13) / Human Resource Management with Psychology (Cut-off: 12)
NP ProgramsPsychological Studies (Cut-off: 9) / Child Psychology and Early Childhood (Cut-off: 12)
TP ProgramsPsychological Studies (Cut-off: 9)
The results are also available here for more general information.

For the degrees: (This are represented by their current year entry students' 3H2/1H1 and polytechnic GPA grades and stated by 10th % - lowest minimum; and 90th % - safest to be confirmed percentile)
NUS (2012/13)3H2/1H1: 10th - BBB/B, 90% - AAA/A.  GPA: 10th - 3.68, 90% - 3.90
(Additional criteria - Students must obtain at least a B-grade in each of these modules during their first year of the program: PL1101E and PL2131)
NTU (2012/13)3H2/1H1: 10th - BBB/C, 90% - AAA/A.  GPA: 10th - 3.63, 90% - 3.95
SMU (2012/13)3H2/1H1: 10th - BBC/C, 90% - AAA/A.  GPA: 10th - 3.61, 90% - 3.84 

For last year's academic requirements, please view here!!