Stage 1: Student with Considerations for Psychology in University

Hi Everyone

I am a graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Diploma of Psychology & Community Services. I took interest in Psychology when I was in secondary school and hence studied real hard to get it in. However, several questions do arise after graduation.
  1. What if I want to continue to pursue Psychology as a career?
  2. Do I have enough funds to support my studies?
  3. If I am working full time, will I be able to manage my school, work and social life?
  4. What do I want to do upon graduating with a degree with Honours?
  5. Which school has better accreditation?
I believe everyone faces the same problems when it comes when deciding their course of studies for their Bachelors degrees, similar for the polytechnic diplomas and Masters degrees. But it is crucial because nowadays most employers prefer to employ degree holders and hence more research is required to determine before making the final decision.

 For me, currently, I am aiming to become a professional social worker/youth worker that could work in the community. I always like to be involved in projects and implementing programs. For me, psychology is my passion and interest which I cannot find any other courses that is attractive as it.

After much consideration & research, I have chosen to take up a part-time psychology degree with Honors in a local private institution. Bottomline, you just have to find out what you are your purpose in life and all things will be in place.