Registration vs Membership

As I am writing another post, I started to look back at my previous posts on the labels (look at the right of this page) of "Registration" and "Membership". I noticed that I have never written on the difference of those two words!! The only posts that had them together were both written in 2011; and yes, there were only two: this and that.

So what is the difference between "Registration" and "Membership"??

Being registered, it would mean that you are a qualified practitioner with the required qualifications and experience met, and other requirements as mentioned by the society / association / board. This would allow you to practice as a psychologist (or the mental health practitioner that you registered for). This will also ensure your employers that you are competent for the job.
Note: In different countries, they might also use the words "chartered" / "licensed" / "accredited". See this post for details.

To be a member of a society or association, that would mean that you are a person connected to that group, and have a membership status (Student, Affiliate, Associate, Full, etc.) with it. With a membership, it may allow you to get some privileges and benefits, and get you connected to the group. However, it may not indicate that you are a qualified practitioner (though usually full members are)!!

Hope that clarifies things!