Confusion about Australian vs UK degree programs

Before you start reading on, please read this post regarding the comparison of Bachelors degrees first.

Ok, I have received several emails from readers regarding their choices of Bachelors degrees, and one common thing they often do is to choose one Australian and one UK degree, and ask me to compare on which is better. However, I always have some issues when trying to explain about the programs, and the dilemma that the enquirer will take up whichever program that is faster/cheaper.

Whilst comparing the Australian and UK Bachelors programs, people tend to ask me:
Question: Which is better?
My reply: You have to research through the modules that are offered in the programs, to see which modules suit you and complement what you already learnt and know.
Question: Which is preferable for my career later?
My reply: It is really hard to tell which is preferable, but as both are done in private institutions, I reckon they are about the same.
Question: Which is cheaper?
My reply: Please research about the fees from the private institution's website or call them up.
Question: Which can I finish faster?
My reply: This would depend on how much exemptions you can get from the prior education and training you have received.
Replies for these questions may differ based on each individual, as each person's experience and training is different.

The one difference between Australian and UK Bachelors programs is that though the actual timespan for both programs are 3 years, UK programs tend to include Honours, while Australian programs don't. For the Australian system, please read this post. For Australian Honours, they are usually the 4th year of training (an extra year after Bachelors), and will have to be done locally in Australia (other than JCU Singapore). This is the factor that may push students to take up UK programs as it means having a Bachelors with Honours degree than other students and having access to Masters programs faster, but you must consider that the program's modules and quality may be affected due to this faster-paced  curriculum.

My last advice: Make sure you do your research about the programs and think about it thoroughly before you embark on this journey in psychology! Good luck!