SGPsychStud: Is studying psychology really tough??

Answer: (Generally) Yes...
In this new year, let us discuss this topic, as some of you would be considering on taking up some new subjects which you have not experienced or learnt before.

Is studying psychology really tough?? Why are some students having difficulty in some subjects?? Will I have difficulties in studying??

It has already been written in another post on the difficulties on studying psychology and to becoming a psychologist. If you want to have a general idea of what you are going to study in psychology, see this post.

The difficulty level is really subjective to each person, depending on what you have already learnt and experienced before. Your knowledge and previous experience will guide your understanding of the topics, of which some could be very abstract. It is also different, also depending on whether you are starting your first year or in your final year. 

Psychology is an area of study where we pretty much have to learn everything, from biology, chemistry, statistics, to why people desire to buy stuff. In a way, there is so much to learn. Hence really, this difficulty depends on what you do not know or have not learnt before. If you have learnt it before, then you have an advantage over others.

So to make that your studying journey is easier or rather less tough, one way is to get "rough" or basic ideas about what you are going to study, by reading up some introductory books about the topics briefly. An example would be if you are going to do a module of neuropsychology, you should probably do some reading up on chemicals in the brain, and parts of the brain and their functions.

So do you find studying psychology tough? The question here is: What have you done to make your journey easier?