Stage 3: A fresh university graduate's reflection

I am a foreigner who had just finished my bachelors in psychology.  Well, it was kind of difficult for me at first as English is not my first language.  I am able to catch up after one or two semesters of my course.  A lot of people had asked me whether psychology is a difficult course.  I would say that, every course is difficult. *common sense thinking* None of the courses in university is like A B C D.  So, I would say as long as you are interested in the course, just go for it.  It may be difficult but you will be able to catch up fast if you are interested and, of course, put effort in it. 
For me, psychology is actually an interesting yet boring course.  It depends on the specific modules (e.g., I love to read every single book or attend every class on hypnotherapy but I might not be interested in neuroscience at all).  Many people around me think that it is just a bachelors; it is not that hard at all.  But for me, I aim for as high marks as possible.  If I want to do something, I just put in as much as effort as I can.  Yet, bad thing about me (actually same for my classmates) is that I will slowly take my own sweet time at first and rush for the last minute before submission dates.  So now I’ve finished my Bachelors and started working hard on my job hunting, but it is very difficult for a foreigner to get a job in Singapore. 
As I am just a fresh graduate, I am focusing more on experiences than salary.  My main interest is industrial psychology, followed by clinical psychology and counselling.  One thing I am kind of frustrated during the process of looking for a job is most of the companies would require a PR or Singaporean citizenship status.  I understand about the quota that they have to meet, but it is like directly rejecting me without even sending out my resume.  So, I would advice people to type "jobs in Singapore for (your nationality)" in Google when you are looking for a job as a foreigner.  After I get experiences from different psychological fields, perhaps I will decide which field I like the most and will go for my Masters.