Specialisations of Diploma programs in Singapore


The GCE 'O' Levels have just finished recently, and students would be getting their results and applying to get into their diploma programs in mid-January next year. So this would be a good post for students who are planning to do a psychology diploma next year.

Looking back at the posts, I noticed that though I have done a comparison of Bachelors programs (which is the most viewed post! Thank you!), but I have not done a comparison of Diploma programs. That would be a really difficult post to write, as there are a lot of psychology diploma programs around (private and non-private), so the focus of this post would be on the specialisations of the programs. If there is a diploma based only on general psychology (or applied psychology or psychological studies), it would be reflected by "No.Spec". 

Non-Private ProgramsSP: Applied Drama / Human Resource Management
NP: Early Childhood / No.Spec
TP: No.Spec
RP: Consumer Behaviour and Research / Human Resource Management with Psychology

Private Programs(In alphabetical order)
For the list of courses, please see this link from CPE or search via this link using the keyword of "psychology" in the Course Search and selecting all the different diplomas for the Course Level.
ACC School of Counselling and Psychology: Counselling Psychology / Psychotherapy / No.Spec
Arium School of Arts and Sciences: Child Psychology / Counselling Psychology / Educational Psychology / Sports Psychology / Organisational Psychology / No.Spec
Aventis School of Management: No.Spec
Beacon International College: Counselling Psychology
College of Allied Educators: Learning Disorders Management / Child Psychology / Counselling Psychology / No.Spec
East Asia Institute of Management: Counselling Psychology / No.Spec
ERC Institute: Business Psychology
MDIS: No.Spec
SHRI Academy: Organisational Psychology
SMF Institute of Higher Learning: Counselling Psychology / Early Childhood Psychology
The School of Positive Psychology: Positive Psychology (Applied) / Positive Business Psychology
TMC Academy: No.Spec / Counselling

Finally, they are all here; a total of 43 private diploma programs (49 programs including those from the polytechnics) as at 23 November 2012! But the blog author do not guarantee the quality of any of the above diplomas, or indicate any benefits or disadvantages of having a psychological diploma with no specialisations or one with multiple specialisations. Please also take note that diploma programs are also awarded by the respective institutions and there are no accreditation by any accrediting bodies. You will have to do the evaluation yourself, based on these two posts: this and this post. 


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