Advice for choosing Diplomas offered by PEIs

This is a common alternative or starting point for people who are unable to start with the degree or local and non-private diploma programs. There are many reasons for people may choose to do these diplomas in the Private Education Institutes (PEIs); however due to the respect for privacy for them, this post will not be discussing about these issues. Another thing that would not be discussed would be the range of diplomas from the PEIs, as there are too many psychology diplomas offered in Singapore.
For the whole list, please see this link from CPE or search via this link using the keyword of "psychology" in the Course Search and selecting all the different diplomas for the Course Level. As for the differences in the course levels, you might have to check with the staff from the respective PEIs to understand their differences in time frame taken to finish the program and differences in the program modules.

So the topic for this post is: Which psychology diploma would be a good one to do or start?
This definition of good is very vague, as I cannot decide what is good or bad for you. It really depends on your choice and current situation, that helps in making that decision of the PEI that you may want to enrol. You should first start by reading this list of factors that may help you make that decision.

Here are some others that were add on to that list:
1) Future education possibilities: Possibility to move from Diploma to Degree
Unless your purpose of doing the diploma is only for interest, this is probably something to aim for - a degree. So make sure that doing the diploma can lead to you doing the the psychology degree. Some PEIs offer a psychology degree, other than only diplomas, which are awarded from their respective overseas universities. Taking the diploma and degree from the same PEI will allow some consistency in terms of the modules that you take. But again, make sure that the degree is permitted by CPE and accredited by APS or BPS.

2) Quality of Program - Full or Part-time Lecturers
Check with the staff if the lecturers are part-time or full-time lecturers. How important is this? This may not be very important, as most of the private programs in Singapore are usually taught by part-time lecturers. But this is highly related to the quality of the program, if you compare this aspect to other non-private schools (such as TP, NP, NYP, SP) providing diplomas. Relate this back to your previous education and ask yourself: "what if you have a part-time teacher vs a full-time teacher teaching you in your secondary school subject?" "What would the difference be?" I believe you would choose to have a full-time lecturer teaching you, rather than a part-time one, if possible.

There are many other factors that may affect your choices, such as the administrative and organisational matters of the PEIs (which may not be under your control). You just have to think about what the most important factors are for you, affecting your choice for your diploma.
The start of your new education or career path is in your hands.