Accreditation of Australian programs in Singapore

Some of them may be thinking of doing an Australian degree, such as to enable you to get into a Australian postgraduate program more easily. This is very possible, because if the program is accredited in Australia and you are doing it in Singapore, you are pretty much doing that same program recognised by APAC, just only in a different venue! This is very common in Australia, as they do offer many distance learning programs for other areas of study as well.

This will enable you to do an Australian degree and yet all your other expenses at a Singaporean rate: though  school fees might be slighter higher than usual, but you save some money paying for Singaporean food and your family by your side. Main question is: What Australian degrees have been accredited in Singapore?

Accreditation for psychological programs in Australia are done by APAC (Australian Psychology Accreditation Council), who checks the quality of each and every psychology program from Australia to see if they are up to standard. These are the reasons from APAC why accreditation is required:

"The accreditation process ensures that standards of education and training in psychology offered by higher education providers are high and are rigorously maintained. Students must complete courses which are first accredited by APAC and then subsequently approved by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) to be eligible for registration as a psychologist .
APAC accredits psychology courses and works with higher education providers to ensure continuous improvement of quality. This ensures that the courses:
  • are evidence-based
  • are up-to-date
  • use high quality and empirically supported teaching methods
  • produce graduates with a commitment to lifelong learning, with strong psychological literacy
  • where applicable, provide suitable competencies for graduates to enter the psychology profession."
Sounds really good to study in an accredited program...
So which psychology degree programs are accredited by APAC?
Here's the link:

However, always make sure that the program is also approved by CPE and that you have thought about and read my list of factors for which PEI is more suitable for you.