SGPsychStud: Selling your psychology textbooks???

This is a common act among university students, as observed on their university psychology Facebook group pages recently.  Question for this post is:  Should you be selling your psychology textbooks or keeping them for your own future references??

I have to admit this post is of my own opinions and you might have differing opinions, for the simple fact that humans are different.  So please read with a large pinch of salt.

For myself, I always like to get my textbooks new - just me to like to have new books.  Knowledge is power, isn't it?  I do have most of my undergraduate books at home, stacking up and building into a mini psychological library of different topics.  There are definitely books that I have picked up again and again, such as the APA Publication Manual and my statistics textbooks.  But what about those which were shelved there and never picked up since?  They always reminded me of the days when I have studied them and even from just looking at them, I am reminded of the material that I have studied.

Have I sold my textbooks before?  No - because I never know when I may need them one day.
Have I bought second-hand books before?  No - I just like them new, I just said it right? But if they are free, why not?
Have I ever used second-hand books?  Yes, definitely read and borrowed books from libraries and friends, but if I find that the book is so good that it is worth to keep, I will definitely get a copy myself.

I do not know why you may be selling your textbooks.  Maybe they are of not use to you any more, maybe you need the cash, maybe you know all the knowledge in the books, but definitely those books would be useful to you one day as a psychologist.
I am no one to judge your actions, simply because we are all different, and it is always your choice of whether you want to sell your textbooks or not.  For me, I still like looking at my mini-library, and  my expanding book lists.