SGPsychStud: Number of psychologists in Singapore??

This is not a common question that I get, but some people may ask this question. Is there a lot of psychologists in Singapore? or How many psychologists are there in Singapore?
With the knowledge that we have so many students doing psychology, both full-time and part-time, diplomas and degrees, local and private schools, and obviously a big batch of students graduating every year...But how many psychologists are out there in Singapore?

My answer: Many...Question is how many are truly registered in the Singapore Register of Psychologists?
(Please read the posts under the Registration label to have an understanding of registration).

Only after being registered and get yourself the title of "Registered Psychologist (Singapore)", should you then be able call yourself a psychologist (in my opinion). This is the similar situation in all other psychological countries of authority (US, UK, and Australia). However there are many "psychologists" out there in Singapore, regardless of having the qualifications and competence or not. If you do have them, why are you not registered yet?

To truly answer the question of the title in an accurate manner: There are only 199 Registered Psychologists currently in Singapore according to this list, as at 14 August 2012.
(Update: 227 registered psychologists as checked on 14 August 2013; and 236 registered psychologists as checked on 14 August 2014)

Question for psychologists out there: Are you competent enough in terms of "education, training, supervised experience and appropriate professional experience" to be a registered psychologist in Singapore? Why are you not registered? What is stopping you from registering in the SRP? Why do you choose not to be registered and given that recognition?