SGPsychStud: V.I.P. (Volunteering/Internship Project)

Some of you may know that currently there are plans to create a job attachment/internship or volunteer work database to assist students to get some experience during their undergraduate studies. Here's the link for the information:

This is to help students, whose schools do not supply them, to get some experience as they are doing their diplomas or degrees. From my understanding, this might not be much of an issue for the the students doing the local diplomas (in polytechnics like SP, TP, NP), as they will have to do internship which should be part of the diploma programme. However this may not be the same for students who are doing their diplomas or degrees in private education institutions (PEI).

In psychology degree courses, internship is usually not offered, unless the students are initiative enough to get some internship themselves or do some volunteer work that are psychology-related. This practicing of internship is usually done during or after the postgraduate programs, depending on whether they are provided in the program (which some don't). There is the issue with supervision if internship is taken up, which will discussed in another post.  

But how important is experience to a psychologist or person who plans to work in this field? It was all explained in this previous post. The issue here for this post is about how you are getting access to all these information to the organisations to get your internship. If it is provided by your school, good for you. If not, where are going to get all these experience? This is the one of the purposes of this project.

Another purpose of the project to give students the opportunity to do some volunteer work, allowing them to experience how psychological work is done in the real world, and to contribute back to the society.
For interested parties (both organisations with vancanies and students who are interested), please send me an email at and provide the following information:

Organisations: Name of company/Position name/Position duties/Working Hours/Internship or Volunteer work/Contact person/Contact details
Students: Name/University or Educational Institute/Program and which year of program/Contact details/Availability

Confidentiality of the organisations/students will be protected at a highest possible level. This is a free service provided by the blogger to help students and the companies doing psychological work, and not related to any other companies/societies/institutions.
*Please note that this project is Singapore-based, and does not include opportunities from other countries.*