Postgraduate studies or Work after Bachelors? Local/overseas studies?

Many of you might have this dilemma, as you come towards the end of your Bachelors studies. Should you take a few years more to finish up with your postgraduate studies (Masters/Phd) or proceed to work straight away? This is a very common discussion among students.

There are many things to consider and it is really a case-by-case basis for different students.
If you plan to become a psychologist, there is no other route other than do a Masters/Phd program in Psychology. But the question is now? or later? If there are no plans to further your studies, probably going to work directly is the next best direction to move on too. But for those who are in these dilemmas of studies/work and local/overseas studies, here are some of the things that you might consider:

1) Money
Taking up studies require money, and unless you have a scholarship or some methods to have your fees paid for you, you may need up to tens of thousands in order to do the studies. Even a government loan or bank loan is still a loan and still needs to be paid. If you plan to go overseas for your postgraduate studies, the money required may be even higher.
Do you have the money to do the studies? If not, will going to work first be a better choice?

2) Local or overseas studies? Things to consider?
Are you planning to do the studies locally or overseas? Are you okay to move overseas for a few years for your studies? There are many issues to consider with moving overseas, such as: if your family are okay with it, any financial issues, lifestyle considerations, etc.? Moving overseas is not as simple as moving home, as there are many problems and issues caused by the chain effect of moving overseas.

3) Which area/specialisation of psychology? Which university?
Do you know which specialisation of psychology you want to do for your postgraduate studies? This is one thing to consider as this will determine your future career as a psychologist. Depending on your choice of specialisation, you could look at which local/overseas university offers it. This is because not all universities offer the choice that you may want, although clinical psychology could be one that is offered in almost all universities.

4) If you decided to go overseas, what is your method of sustaining and supporting yourself?
Unless you have good financial support or rather an "all-expenses-paid-for" way to do your postgraduate studies, you will definitely require some way to sustain your expenses overseas. Adapting and accommodating to overseas environment and cultures may not tend to be difficult to most of us, but it will be your expenditure that will cause issues. So you might have to plan before you move overseas, on whether how much you are allocating to the expenditure per month to control the "damage" and whether you plan to work overseas.

Hope this post has helped you think through on whether you want to do your postgraduate studies or work. If you have any more questions about choices, feel free to send them to my email!


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